Water deer photos and description, interesting facts | Chinese water deer

Water deer is the most unusual type of deer family. There are only two subspecies Chinese and Korean water deer. The appearance of the water deer differs from the usual. Neither growth, nor color, nor model of behavior coincide with a typical deer. The water deer does not reach even a meter of length, and its weight is no more than 15 kilograms. Water deer wool has a light brown color. The head is small and elongated with large ears. The most amazing feature of the water deer is the lack of horns. Instead of horns, the animal has long fangs on the top of the jaw. Fangs reach more than 8 centimeters in length. Only males have such an amazing tool. The people of the water deer are called a deer-vampire. During eating, a water deer is able to hide its fangs due to a mobile jaw.


Water deer got their name due to the excellent ability to swim. Their habitat falls on coastal swamp lands of the Yangtze River. The type of water deer flourishes in North Korea, and all thanks to rich forests and swamp terrain. Also, the population of water deer can be found in the USA, France and Argentina.


Water deer are distinguished by their asocial character. Relations with relatives are trained only during the propagation period. These amazing animals are extremely jealous of their own territory. In order to protect their place from others, they mark their space. There are special glands with a characteristic smell between the fingers of the water deer, which help to scare away uninvited guests. Water deer communicate with a characteristic sound similar to dog barking.


Water deer adhere to a vegetarian diet. The basis of their diet is grass growing in their habitats. In addition, sedge, reed and leaves of shrubs can use shoots. Do not mind enjoying the crop, making shoots on sown fields.

Marriage period

Despite the lonely lifestyle, the reproduction period of water deer is very violent. In December, males begin to activate and look for females for fertilization. Here they find use their long fangs. Males arrange tournaments to conquer the heart of the female. Battles are held with bloodshed. Each male tries to get fangs into his opponent, trying to lay him the ground. During mating, you can often hear barking both males and females. The pregnancy of the female lasts no more than 6 months and 1-3 deer is born into light. The first days the kids do not come out of their shelters, and then begin to follow the mother.

Methods of fighting predators

The main danger to the water deer is a kind of crested eagle. Upon learning of the approach of the eagle, the deer immediately rushes into the nearest pond and hides at the bottom. Over the water, the deer leaves ears, nostrils and nose to feel the enemy. Thus, the deer manages to deftly avoid the attempt of the predator.

Preservation of the population

Chinese type of water deer is included in the Red Book MSOP. However, the population of the sabertoothed deer is growing steadily. An increase in the number of water deer contributed to its spread to the north of the Korean Peninsula. Registered meetings with a water deer in Eurasia.

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