Water pollution sources and causes | Protection and protection against pollution

Most of the earth’s surface is covered with water, which as a whole makes up the world’s oceans. On land there are sources of fresh water lakes. Rivers are the lifeblood of many cities and countries. The seas feed a large number of people. All this suggests that there can be no life on the planet without water. However, man neglects the main resource of nature, which has led to huge pollution of the hydrosphere.

Water is necessary for life not only for people, but for animals and plants. Spending water, polluting it, endangers all life on the planet. Water reserves on the planet are not the same. In some parts of the world there is a sufficient number of water bodies, while in others there is a large shortage of water. Moreover, 3 million people die every year from diseases caused by drinking poor quality water.

Causes of water pollution

Since surface waters are the source of water for many settlements, the main cause of water pollution is anthropogenic activity. The main sources of pollution of the hydrosphere:

  • domestic waste water;
  • operation of hydroelectric stations;
  • dams and reservoirs;
  • the use of agrochemistry;
  • biological organisms;
  • industrial water runoff;
  • radiation contamination.
  • Of course, this list can be continued indefinitely. Quite often, water resources are used for some purpose, but when they are discharged into water, they are not even cleaned, and polluting elements extend the range and aggravate the situation.

    Protection of water bodies from pollution

    The condition of many rivers and lakes of the world is critical. If the pollution of water bodies is not stopped, then many aquatic systems will cease to function to clean themselves and give life to fish and other inhabitants. Including people will not have any water supplies, which will inevitably lead to death.

    Before it’s too late, water bodies need to be taken under protection. It is important to control the process of water discharge and the interaction of industrial enterprises with water bodies. It is necessary for every person to save water resources, since excessive water consumption contributes to the use of more of it, which means that water bodies will become more polluted. Protection of rivers and lakes, control of the use of resources is a necessary measure in order to preserve the supply of clean drinking water on the planet, which is necessary for life for everyone without exception. In addition, it requires a more rational distribution of water resources between various settlements and entire states.

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