We and our planet are slowly being killed by plastic!

We are all addicted and this addiction is not treated by doctors. We and our planet are slowly being killed… plastic!

The problem of recycling and uncontrolled consumption of plastic by people does not require forewords. There are already 13 million tons of garbage floating in the oceans, and 90% of seabirds have stomachs full of plastic waste. Fish, rare animals, turtles are dying. They die en masse, through the fault of man.

Of the 500,000 albatrosses born each year, more than 200,000 die from dehydration and starvation. Adult birds mistake plastic waste for food and feed it to their chicks. As a result, the stomachs of birds become clogged with plastic waste. Bottle caps, in which manufacturers so willingly pour carbonated drinks. Bags in which we brought home two tomatoes, and, without hesitation, threw them in the trash.

Photographer Chris Jordan made «speaking» pictures of dead birds. Looking at them, it is obvious that the death of these unique creatures – human handiwork.

Photo: Chris Jordan

Decomposing and getting into the soil, chemicals used in the production of disposable containers poison groundwater, leading to intoxication not only of animals and birds, but also of people.

We are at war with ourselves, and this war can be won only through conscious consumption, with strict control of plastic production volumes and state support for enterprises involved in its processing.

Why the world can’t stop plastic?

amazing stuff – plastic. It is used to make cups, straws for cocktails, bags, cotton buds, furniture and even car parts. Almost everything that falls into our hands, that we encounter in everyday life is made of plastic. The main problem is that 40% of household waste – This is a onetime use plastic. It makes life easier for us, makes it convenient, but has irreparable consequences for the planet.

The service life of a plastic bag is 12 minutes, and more than 400 years must pass before complete decomposition as garbage.

So far, no state can completely abandon plastic. For this to happen, we must find an alternative material in terms of its properties that will not threaten the environment. It’s long and expensive. But many countries have already started the fight against single-use packaging. Among the countries that have abandoned plastic bags are Georgia, Italy, Germany, France, Uzbekistan, Kenya and more than 70 countries. In Latvia, stores that offer their customers single-use bags pay additional taxes.

Plastic production cannot be stopped overnight. According to Mikhail Babenko, Program Director «Green economy» World Wildlife Fund (WWF), with this approach, the climate can globally suffer, since passing oil gas is used for plastic production. If this process is stopped, then the gas will simply have to be burned.

Strong consumer habits cannot be ignored either, such as plastic vacuum packaging for perishable products, for which there is no alternative yet.

In his opinion, it is possible to solve the issue of uncontrolled consumption of plastic only by approaching the problem comprehensively, in a few steps.

What can be done today?

Eliminating the problem of plastic pollution on the planet is much more global than it might seem at first glance. Ecologists not only analyze the situation, but also look for ways to solve it. Many countries have already begun to actively recycle plastic and control the reduction of its consumption and waste sorting at the state level.

But what are we to do with you? Where to start to contribute to the good of the planet?

It is necessary to change your consumer habits and make conscious purchases, gradually abandon single-use plastic, replacing it with reusable or alternative options.

You can start with simple steps:

  • Carry a shopper bag and eco-fitting bags for weight products. It is convenient, environmentally friendly and economically profitable.
  • Do not agree when the cashier offers you to buy a package, politely explaining why this is unacceptable for you.
  • Choose shops where the products weigh at the checkout, without using sticky price tags.
  • Refuse advertising materials and plastic souvenirs that offer free at the checkout.
  • Try to convey to others why it is important to start giving up a disposable container now.
  • Do not use plastic dishes and cocktails.
  • Sort garbage. Learn the plastic reception card in your city.

When reducing the consumption of plastic, the corporation is forced to reduce the scale of its production and implementation.

It is the conscious consumption of each resident of the planet that will make a breakthrough in solving a global environmental disaster. Because behind every plastic bag there is a person who decides to live on our planet, or already enough.

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