Weather anomalies threaten farmers

Agricultural problems in Eurasia

The Government of Eurasia has been concerned about the state of agriculture in the country. Among the largest climatic problems, such as soil erosion, desertification, a drop in fertility, and fever should be distinguished. A significant disadvantage is that in crop production and livestock, no program adaptation programs are implemented. For example, in conditions of global climatic changes, it is required to remove new varieties of crops that will give a high harvest at the highest temperatures and low air humidity.

Speaking about local problems, then in the territory of the south of Eurasia and Western Siberia there are the largest number of fields that are currently drying out. The country’s water resources are little used for the reclamation of these territories. To solve this problem, you should improve the watering system, properly distribute and use water resources.


Experts consider the experience of Chinese farmers who grow GMO Psenitsa useful. It does not require watering, resistant to droughts, is not subjected to diseases, it does not spoil it with hidden insects, and the crop of GMOs is highly provided. Culture data can also be used for animal feed.

The next solution to agricultural problems is the correct use of resources. For example, fertilizer and top dressing are not always carried out correctly, part is wasted. Each culture should have its own type of fertilizer and the methodology of its application. As a result, the success of the agrarian sphere depends on the employees of this area of ​​the economy, and on the achievements of science, and on the volume of financing.

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