Webly roses, growing and leaving

Weaved rose loves moderately sunny places and fertile, humus soils. Does not require strong pruning or watering.

Weaved rose is a rose with long shoots resembling vines. However, the name can mislead, since this plant does not have clinging organs (with proper attachment to support it will lie down and cling to it with spikes).

Such roses are planted near arbors, wooden or metal gratings or in supports. Seals can be carried out diagonally or horizontally, which allows you to influence the abundance of flowering plants. Growing a climbing rose requires patience sometimes you have to wait for three, and sometimes four years to see the “flowering wall”.

Weaved roses are divided into two types: Klaimberras and ramps. In both of them, varieties can be distinguished, blooming once a season, and those that bloom again.

  • Klaimberras have hard shoots that reach 2-3 m in length. They develop large flowers, and for the most part they repeat flowering.
  • Rambler have flexible shoots and can grow up to 5 m. Bloom abundantly, but have smaller flowers.
  • Webly rose growing and leaving

    Webly roses are less demanding on the soil than all other types of roses, but more vulnerable to sheet and stem pests. They love sunny places (about 6 hours a day), ventilated, but not susceptible to a straight wind. They cannot be planted in very warm places (from the south side) and in the lowlands. The soil for climbing roses should be a water permeable, fertile and rich humus. Most types of frostresistant, especially ramps.

    Weaved roses should be abundantly watered immediately after landing, since at this stage they tolerate the drought very poorly. They always need to be watered from below so as not to wet the leaves, in the morning or evening every 2 times a week. In the future, these plants develop a root system well, which can satisfy its needs. Do not forget to water abundantly in hot weather.

    Fertilizers are not required to apply a bit of weaved rose if you mixed the soil with compost or manure before planting (do not use fresh manure, since it will destroy plant roots). Add fertilizer in the second year, from midApril, after landing.

    Webly rose how to plant?

    Webly roses have an open root system, should be planted in spring or autumn, and seedlings in containers can be planted in the summer. They should be planted about 30-50 cm from the support and about 10 cm from the grilles installed on the walls so that the rose roots can develop evenly.

    After each winter, cut down sore shoots and dry. Pruning is carried out only after the shoots bloom. To stimulate branching, you can shorten some twoyear shoots half.

    Weaved roses repeating flowering, do not require annual pruning. This must be done for 2-3 years, removing the oldest and thin shoots, excessively thickening the bush.

    The most beautiful climbing roses that bloom once per season:

  • American pillar;
  • Bobbie James;
  • Lykkefund;
  • Paul’s Scarlet Climber.
  • One of the most beautiful climbing rose is considered alkimist (Alchymist)-she has large orange-pink flowers and a very strong aroma.

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