Wet equatorial forests on the map climate, position, signs and natural zones

Equatorial forests are located in the equatorial regions of the Earth. They are located in the following corners of the planet:

  • Africa – In the pool of the river. Congo;
  • Australia – eastern part of the continent;
  • Asia – Big probes;
  • South America – In the Amazon River basin (Selva).

Climatic conditions

Mostly forests of this type are in equatorial climate. There is increased humidity and heat all the time. These forests are called wet, since more than 2000 millimeters of precipitation falls here over the year, and on the coast up to 10,000 millimeters. Precipitation during the year fall evenly. In addition, equatorial forests are located near the coasts of the oceans, where warm currents are observed. All year round the air temperature varies from +24 to +28 degrees Celsius, respectively, the change of seasons is not observed.

Wet equatorial forest

A map of equatorial forests

Types of flora

In the climatic conditions of the equatorial belt, evergreen vegetation is formed, which grows in the forests by several tiers. The trees have fleshy and large leaves, grow up to 40 meters high, tightly adjusting to each other, forming impenetrable jungle. The crown of the upper tier of plants protects the lower flora from ultraviolet rays of the sun and excessive evaporation of moisture. The trees located in the lower tier have thin foliage. The peculiarity of the trees of equatorial forests is that they do not completely drop the foliage, remaining green all year round.

The variety of plant species is approximately the following:

  • The highest tier – palm trees, ficuses, saiber, gvee Brazilian;
  • Lower tiers – Tree fern, bananas.

In the forests there are orchids and various vines, hing wood and chocolate wood, Brazilian nuts, lichens and mosses. Eucalyptus grow in Australia, the height of which reaches hundreds of meters. In South America, the largest area of ​​equatorial forests on the planet, when compared with this natural zone of other continents.



Chocolate tree

Brazilian nut


Fauna of equatorial forests

Scientists believe that in equatorial forests there are about twothirds of animals living on the planet. They live in the crowns of trees, and therefore it is difficult to study them. Thousands of Fauna species are not yet known to people.

Ladiers live in the South American forests, and in the Australian – Coals.



There are a huge number of birds and insects, snakes and spiders here. There are no large animals in these forests, since it would be difficult for them to move here here. However, in the selwa you can find jaguars, pum, tapirov.



Since the zone of moist equatorial forests is not enough, many types of flora and fauna of this natural zone will be opened in the future.

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