Wet tropical forests of Africa and America views, climate, problems and nature

Tropical forests are a special natural zone, which is distinguished by a huge variety of types of flora and fauna. Forests of this type are located in Central and South America, in Africa and Asia, in Australia and some islands of the Pacific Ocean.

Climatic conditions

As you can understand from the name, tropical forests are in a dry tropical climatic zone. Partially they are found in a wet equatorial climate. In addition, tropical forests are also found in the subequatorial belt, where humidity depends on the circulation of air masses. The average air temperature varies from +20 to +35 degrees Celsius. The seasons are not observed here, since the forests are quite warm all year. The average humidity reaches 80%. Precipitation is distributed throughout the territory unevenly, but about 2000 millimeters fall out over the year, and more in places and more. Tropical forests of different continents and climatic zones have some differences. It is for this reason that scientists divide tropical forests into wet (rain) and seasonal.

Rain tropical forests

Subspecies of moist tropical forests:

Mangro forests

Mountain evergreen


Rain forests are characterized by a huge amount of precipitation. In some places, 2000-5000 millimeters per year may fall, and in others-up to 12,000 millimeters. During the year, they fall evenly. The average air temperature reaches +28 degrees.

Among the plants in wet forests, palm trees and treelike ferns grow, family of myrtle and legumes.

Palm trees

Tree fern

Mirtov family


Epiphytes and vines, ferns and bamboo are found here.





Some plants bloom all year round, while others have shortterm flowering. In mangroves there are sea herbs and succulents.

Sea grass


Seasonal tropical forests

These forests have the following subspecies:



Thorny xerophilic

Seasonal forests have a dry and humid season. 3000 millimeters of precipitation falls over the year. There is also a season of falling leaves. Evergreen and semieveerated forests are found.

In seasonal forests, palm trees, bamboo, tick tree, terminals, albias, ebena trees, epiphytes, vicenae, vicenae, lianas, sugarcane grow.

Palm trees









Among the herbs there are annual species and cereals.



Tropical forests occupy a large area on the planet. They are “light” lands, but people are too actively cut down by trees, which leads not only to environmental problems, but also to the disappearance of many plant species and animals.

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