What are organic products

Recently, organic products can be seen on supermarket shelves. According to the definition, they are made according to organic standards, due to which such products acquires healing properties. Receive these products thanks to the organic method of production, which excludes the use of most modern technologies. To obtain organics, the use of the following substances is prohibited:

  • – genetically modified organisms;
  • – consumers, flavors, dyes of chemical origin;
  • – thickeners and stabilizers are excluded;
  • – not used agrochemistry, hormones, chemical fertilizers, growth stimulants.
  • Growing fruits, vegetables, cereals, as well as livestock breeding is naturally harmless to nature. The products obtained in this way are more useful for humans and are better suited for a daily diet. In addition to technology, the environment is important where the products are grown in an organic way. For this, a territory is selected where the most favorable ecology is away from industrial areas.

    The benefits of organic products

    To answer the question of what organic products are better than the products obtained by the traditional way, we give the results of the research:

  • – 70% more nutrients contains organic milk, unlike the usual;
  • – Vitamin C by 25% more in organic fruits;
  • -in vegetables of organic origin by 15-40% less nitrates;
  • – organic products practically do not contain pesticides;
  • – products of this method of production contains less water, which improves their taste.
  • However, the organic method of production is far from ideal. So, in accordance with the standards, the use of some pesticides is allowed. These substances are harmful to both products and people who use them. This series of permitted substances can be supplemented with insecticides that have a slight effect on the body.

    The opinion of experts

    Nevertheless, experts say that organic products are much more useful than what is sold in supermarkets, stuffed with preservatives, dyes, GMOs, etc. When choosing goods in a store, pay attention to the marking, since “eco-products” have distinctive signs. And the price of organicism will be much higher than for ordinary products, because organic production is essentially expensive. The main solution is for you: to continue to use poisoning products or buy more useful organic products obtained naturally.

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