What is it and how dangerous it is | The causes of the emergence of the smog

The word “could” was used extremely rarely a few decades ago. Today, in many cities of Eurasia, he appears more and more often. Snow is called fog, consisting not of water, but of polluting substances. His education speaks of a dysfunctional environmental situation in a particular territory.

What could it consist of and how it is formed?

The composition of the smog is extremely diverse. In this dirty fog, several dozen chemical elements may be present. The set of substances depends on the factors that led to the formation of the smog. In the vast majority of cases, the occurrence of this phenomenon occurs due to the work of industrial enterprises, a large amount of transport and increased heating of private houses using firewood or coal.

Was rarely formed in small settlements. But in many large cities it is a real scourge. Embraces of industrial enterprises, road traffic jams, fires on landfills and garbage platforms lead to the fact that a “dome” is created over the city from various smoke.

The main natural assistant in the fight against the formation of a smog is the wind. The movement of air masses blows pollutants away from the village and helps to reduce their concentration. But it happens that there is no wind, and then a real one appears. He is able to achieve such a density that visibility on the streets decreases. Outwardly, this is often similar to an ordinary fog, but a specific smell is felt, a cough or a runny nose may occur. I could often have a yellowish or brownish shade from working production facilities.

The influence of smog on the environment

Since it was able to a high concentration of pollutants in a limited territory, its effect on the environment is very noticeable. The exposure of the smog can be different depending on what exactly is part of it.

Often while being in a large city, a person begins to lack air, sore throat, carving in the eyes. Inflammation of the mucous membranes, coughing, exacerbation of chronic diseases associated with the respiratory system and the cardiovascular system are possible. People with asthma can tolerate especially difficult. An attack caused by the action of chemicals, in the absence of timely help, can lead to human death.

It was equally adversely in effect on vegetation. Harmful emissions can turn summer into autumn, prematurely aging and stained with yellow foliage. The poisonous fog in combination with a long calm sometimes destroys the landing of gardeners and causes the death of crops in the fields.

A striking example of the colossal impact of industrial smog on the environment is the city of Karabash in the Chelyabinsk region. Due to many years of work of the local medical unit, nature suffered so much that the local Sak-Elga river has acid-orange water, and the mountain near the city completely lost its vegetation.

How to prevent the formation of a smog?

The ways to prevent the smog are simple and complex at the same time. First of all, it is necessary to remove the sources of pollutants or at least reduce the share of emissions. To achieve such a goal, it is necessary to seriously modernize the equipment of enterprises, install filtering systems, improve technological processes. A serious step in the fight against a smog can be the development of transport on electric traction.

These measures are associated with serious financial injections, and therefore are implemented extremely slowly and reluctantly. That is why he was more and more often hanging over the cities, forcing people to cough and hope for a fresh wind.

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