What is the difference between a cheetah and a leopard? Photo and list of differences

Leopard and Cheetah are very similar to a friend to a friend. To such an extent that many people consider them the same animals. In fact, there are many differences between these two representatives of the cat family. But first about similarity.

General between cheetah and leopard

The first and most important factor that unites the cheetahs and leopards is one biological family of “cats”. They are both predators, and they are endowed with unusual “weapons”. Powerful claws and sharp teeth make it possible to deal even with large prey.

But the most visible signs of similarity are a similar physique and the same color. Yellow wool with black spots a “business card” of both a leopard and a cheetah.

Distinctive features of the leopard

Leopard is a large animal with a strong body. Its main foods are large horned animals, for example, roe deer, deer, antelopes. Hunting occurs “ambush” method. As a rule, a leopard climbs a tree and there for a long time awaits the passage of suitable production. As soon as an antelope or deer is caught with a tree, a leopard falls on top of a graceful jump.

Leopards are hunting alone. Moreover, for greater secrecy, they prefer to do this in the dark. Another feature production is often dragged to a tree, or masked on the ground.

The habits of the cheetah

If you look closely, a large “sports” of cheetahs against the background of a leopard will immediately become noticeable. He has longer paws and frying figure. It is almost impossible to meet a wellfed cheetah, because he hunts not out of an ambush, but when arranging a chase. Run away from cheetah is extremely difficult. This “kitty” is capable of speeding up to 115 km/h, so it quickly overtakes any victim.

Unlike a leopard, a cheetah hunts during the day. He arranges short but effective chases for gazelles, calves and even hares. The cheetah does not hide the caught prey and, moreover, does not drag it to the trees.

Another characteristic difference from the leopard is the hunting of flocks. Cheetahs flock animals and hunt together. And finally, if you look closely, you can see the differences even in the characteristic drawing on the wool of these two predators.

Cheetah black spots are really stained. The leopard has a pattern consisting of “sockets”. However, this circumstance is inconspicuous, if you look at animals from afar, which makes them in the eyes of many very similar.

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