White bounist photo and description of the mushroom, how to cook, edible or not

White Doviznik (Coprinus Comatus) is a rather controversial mushroom, since in different places its inhabitation of attitude to this species varies. Now the view of the White Navoznik is ranked to conditionally sedimentary types of mushrooms. While in Belarus and Eurasia many mushroom pickers quite often collect them and eat them, most European countries consider it to be poisonous and unsuitable for eating. However, Finland and the Czech Republic include this mushroom to delicious dishes.


White man is also called white copyword and ink white mushroom. Mycologists attribute this type to the Champignon family. The mushroom hat itself looks like a long dome, the height of which can reach 15 centimeters with a diameter of up to 10 centimeters. The mushroom itself has the appearance of an elongated egg, which narrows down. Color comes from the name white. However, there are white bombs with a distinctive grayish or brownish tint in the area of ​​the top. The area of ​​the hat is covered with scales that look like thick fibers. There are wide and free plates in the lower area of ​​the cap. The base plates are white, then turn into a pinkish tint, and at the base of the pulp have black. The mushroom does not have much taste and smell. The color in the context itself does not change the color. The leg on which such a large hat rests, reaches 35 centimeters high from diameters to 2 centimeters. There is a small captured ring on the leg. In young mushrooms it is white, and in the old ones it begins to blacken.

Where to looking for

This mushroom spread in places with moisturized soil. Many white dunglines are in various meadows, pastures, lawns and even basements. This mushroom also lives in dung and compost heaps, which follows from its name. There is a white man in the south of Eurasia. Quite a lot of mushrooms on the territory of North America, Australia and even in certain areas of Africa. The crop period lasts from May to October. Actively grow after pouring rains.

Useful properties and application

For eating, it is worth collecting only young mushrooms of white dunglines, since the old ones begin to blacken. The mushroom plates should be white, because if they have already begun to get dark, then the mushroom is not recommended to use. It should also be cleaned and subjected to heat treatment no later than 2 hours after the collection. Even freezing mushrooms begin to blacken over time. Before eating, prolonged cooking white dungstands is recommended, since they themselves are conditionally sedentary. In addition, do not interfere with a white dungman with other types of mushrooms. You should not collect a white bump near the roads, since they are able to accumulate harmful substances from the soil.  It is not recommended to eat a white dungman for children and pregnant women, it is also contraindicated for people suffering from diseases of the stomach, kidneys and liver. The benefits of using this fungus are its abilities to clean the vessels well, as well as influence the health of the heart. The pulp of the white bump contains antioxidants that contribute to the rapid removal of toxins and toxins from the body. This mushroom also has a beneficial effect on the state of the liver.

How to cook a white dungman

The difference from similar species

Confusing a white dungman with other types of mushrooms is quite problematic.

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