Pacific white-sided dolphin from the Red Book: description and photo

The Pacific white-sided dolphin – belongs to the class of whaling and among other dolphins stands out in especially large sizes. It should be noted that in the delphinium this type of animal can be seen quite rarely. In most cases, gray dolphins are contained there. Unfortunately, these smart and cute creatures are included in the Red Book, however, in this case, this is not at all connected with fishing. The reasons for reducing the number of representatives of the whitemoraine dolphins are definitely not established, there are several versions on this subject and each has the right to exist.

Pacific white-sided dolphin

Lifestyle Pacific white-sided dolphin

The lifestyle and behavior of the white nominal dolphins are quite interesting. You can talk about this for a long time, but the most interesting facts should be highlighted:

  • Dolphins of this breed have a rather playful character – They like to make various tricks in the water, contact a person well, and do not at all against interesting entertainment;
  • While nominal dolphins also find an interesting occupation underwater – They simply chase algae, which looks more than funny from the side;
  • makes sounds that, if you transform them into a graphic image, have the shape of a flower. It should be noted that not one animal has such a feature;
  • Scientists have found that the ultrasound that animals publish positively affects human health. Actually, therefore, dolphin therapy is used to treat not only adults but also babies.

It is also sad – Until now, the researchers have not determined why sometimes white nominal dolphins are thrown ashore, which leads to their death. By the way, the gray representatives of this type of animal have the same unpleasant feature.


If we talk only about the territory of Eurasia, then the white nominal dolphins live in the Baltic or the Barents Sea. In general, the natural habitat of these animals is the northern part of the Atlantic. But as for the migration of dolphins of this species, it has not yet been well studied quite well.

Alone, if we talk about the natural environment of residence, these white-breasted handsome men do not like to be. As a rule, they gather in herds of 6-8 individuals. It is noteworthy that sometimes dolphins live only in pairs. Not so rare cases when a dolphin lived with one female all his life.

It should be noted that quite rarely, but still, sometimes they gather in flocks of 1000-1500 dolphins. As a rule, such clusters can only be found in places where there is a large amount of food. But, in those situations when food becomes very few, they are divided into small flocks.

What they eat Pacific white-sided dolphin

As for nutrition, these types of dolphins prefer to see crustaceans, mollusks, and fish on their menu. My favorite delicacy is cod, herring, navigate, mows, and Merlang. Despite the friendly character and playfulness, with danger, the dolphin may be protected – For this, his nature awarded his strong teeth.

For humans, this type of animal is completely not dangerous. There were times when a Pacific white-sided dolphin wounded a person, but it was by chance – intentionally he does not bring harm.

Perhaps the white nominal dolphins, however, are gray-like, one of the most intelligent and kind animals that are happy to contact a person. They are perfectly trained, play with children with pleasure and behave in many ways like a person. Take at least a lifestyle – Family unions in these animals are not uncommon. That is why the saddest is the fact that this type of marine animal disappears, although entered in the Red Book, is under thorough protection. It is quite difficult to see them in dolphinariums since due to a small number, they are rarely kept in captivity.

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