Whitefingered Orlan from the Red Book photos and description, interesting facts

Whitefingered Orlan is the largest feathee predator with a habitat in the Northern Hemisphere. Refers to eukaryotes, chord type, hawklike detachment, hawk family, orlanes’ family. Forms a separate look.

Despite the fact that in the territories of the Northern Hemisphere there are larger bird residents, whitesex Orlan, unlike them, almost does not feed on carrion. Sometimes it is called a sea eagle, a Pacific eagle or a steller.


Whitefingered Orlan – incredibly large and beautiful bird. The total length of an adult exceeds 1 m. The length of the wings can be from 57 to 68 cm. The color of adults combines dark brown shades with a bright white tone. You can also find dark brown individuals without white elements in plumage. Frontal part, lower legs, small, medium cover feathers and plumage of steering wings white. The rest is dominated by dark brown color.

The chicks of whitefingered eagle have brown plumage with whitish bases, also there is an ocher shade. The color of males and females is no different. Acquire the final color after the age of two. Raduzhina is a light brown shade. Massive brown beak with yellowness. Wax and paws are yellow, and the claws are black.


Whitefingered Orlan is widely used in Kamchatka. Prefers to nest near the shores of the Sea of ​​Okhotsk. Individuals are also found on the Koryak Highlands up to the current of the aluka. It is also found near the shores of Penzhina and on the Karagyan Island.

The view is also widespread in the lower classes of the Amur, in the northern part of Sakhalin, on the Channel and Kuril Island. Settled in Korea, sometimes visiting the territory of America in the northwest, as well as Japan, China.

Winters are worried near the sea shores. He can also migrate to the taiga to the southern territory of the Far East. Sometimes, spends winter time in Japan. Groups consist of 2-3 individuals.

Viet of nests on the crowns of trees. Takes high and prefers to learn the same place. Builds nests next to the shores of the seas, more often near rivers. Puts no more than 3 white eggs. There are no other information about propagation.


The diet of whiteheaded eagles consists of large and medium fish. Favorite dish – salmon species. Also hunts small mammals. The diet includes hares, foxes, seals. Less commonly eats carrion.

Addiction to fish explains the love of nesting near the sea and river shores. Representatives are inhabiting highbarreled forests and rocky peaks located next to the coastal lines.

In winter, it is not easy for birds to find food for themselves. Sometimes they are forced to dive under water for prey. At the same time, they do it quite badly. But, for the purpose of food, they have no exit.

When the earth and the water surface are covered with ice, the whitefingered eagles find unnecessary places and spend most of the time there. Dozens of representatives of the species can gather in these areas.

Interesting Facts

  1. White Orlan – The most massive feathered representative in his area. Its weight can reach 9 kg.
  2. Inorganized tourism caused the extermination of permanent places of nesting of individuals.
  3. In the absence of a familiar diet, the whitefingered eagles are not disdained with crabs and squid, carrion.
  4. The whitesex eagle hunts elegantly, so connoisseurs of wild birds like to observe the process from the side.
  5. The bird has excellent vision. She is able to make out the victim from afar, and then rapidly breaks down, straightening her large wings. Wide scope, planning a smooth arc on the victim, grabs its tenacious claws.
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