White mushroom oak or meshmesh photo and description of how it looks when collecting

Oak white mushroom (boletus reticulatus) – This is an edible mushroom, which is a representative. Other names – Borovik oak, meshmesh.

Where it grows

This white mushroom can be found in the central part of Eurasia, in Ulyanovsk and the region. In the Ulyanovsk region, a white mushroom is most often found near the village of Undora. This mushroom can be found in the Caucasus.

White oak mushroom can only be found in oak. The fruiting season begins in June, and ends in October.


The hat of this representative of the Belotovs is large: the diameter of this part varies from 10 to 20 cm. The hat of a young copy has a spherical shape, but as it is aged, it takes a pillowshaped shape. Painted brown, sometimes casts gray. Often there are white spots on this part of the mushroom. The surface of this part is covered with a net. On very sunny days, shallow wrinkles appear on the hat.

The leg of the young mushroom is tuberous, later it is stretched, thickening is formed from below. In the diameter, the leg is about 7 cm. The length of this part of the mushroom is up to 12 cm.

Sporebearing layer of white oak mushroom tubular. Usually the hymenopher grows, but sometimes there is a free. The thickness of the sporebearing layer often reaches 3 cm. In young mushrooms, the tube is white, and in old specimens they are swamp-green. In mature mushrooms, the hymenopher acquires a brown tint.

The pulp of the mushroom is dense and fleshy. Only under the hymenofor yellowish pulp. The place of breaking does not darken. In old mushrooms, the pulp when pressed strongly resembles a sponge. The flesh tastes quite pleasant, exudes mushroom aroma.

The disputes of this white mushroom are long, have a spindleshaped shape. They are usually brown or brown. Spore powder of this mushroom swamp-green or brownish.


White oak mushroom is similar to a white spruce mushroom. It is easy to distinguish a double: it grows only in coniferous forests and has a chestnut and loose hat. The spruce mushroom is quite massive, often the weight of one copy is more than 1 kg. This double is quite edible.

White spruce mushroom

White oak mushroom is easy to confuse with a pine fellow. In the edible double, the mesh is located only on the upper third of the hat.

White pine mushroom

You can confuse oak mushroom with a white mushroom. There is a white mesh on the leg of a similar look, its hat has a red tint and usually cracked strongly.


This representative of the Belotovs is often confused with the gall mushroom. The double is poisonous, it grows only in coniferous forests and loves only sandy soils. The gall mushroom is less than a white oak mushroom, its height is usually less than 10 cm. The poisonous brother has a dark mesh on the leg. An important difference is that a dangerous double never eat worms.

Gall mushroom

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