White Road photo and description of the mushroom | Real and raw moving

This representative of the mushroom kingdom is part of the family of raw. They are also called white and raw cargoes. It has a pleasant fruit smell and is highly valued for its unique taste qualities.

Description of the White Gruzle

The mushroom hat can reach a diameter of 5 to 20 centimeters. The shape of the hat is flat, which is then converted into a funnel-shaped with bent edges. The structure of the pulp is dense. White-white or yellowish-colored hat. Color can fluctuate in different areas. The surface of the hat is covered with mucus, which is why the Earth’s particles stick to it. Plates under the hat down and frequent. The color of the plates changes from cream to yellow with the age of the mushroom. Spore powder is yellow.

The leg ranges in the range from 3 to 7 centimeters in height. Has a cylindrical shape with a smooth surface. The color is almost the same as the hat. Yellowish spots on the surface may be present. The inside of the leg is hollow.

The pulp of the mushroom is brittle and dense, painted white. During the fault, white milky juice is released. With contact with air, the pulp can change color to yellow-green.

The territory of distribution

Most often, real loads grow in mountainous areas and pine-bored forests. They are found in large groups in the north of Eurasia, in the Urals, Western Siberia and in the forests of Belarus. The active period of fruiting falls on the summer and autumn. They grow best in temperatures from 8 to 10 degrees Celsius and in places with high humidity. Mycoriza of real movers reacts positively to birch and linden.

Similar views

The appearance of a real Georgia is similar to representatives such as white subgrinities, pepper Georgia, yellow loads and bluish loads.

Differences are white

White loads are distinguished by a dry, unzipped hat without characteristic juice during the break of the pulp.

Perechny Road

The pepper load has a more velvety and smooth surface of the hat. Juice that distinguishes a pepper load does not turn yellow in the air. Because of its very bitter taste, many people consider a pepper load to inedible representatives.

Yellow Road

The yellow loads differ, respectively, with a saturated yellow color of the skin of the hat and grow mainly on the territory of coniferous forests.

Blue governing

A blue gear can easily and quickly be identified by changing the color of the pulp during the break in a blue color.

Inexperienced mushroom picked can confuse a real load with a violin. This mushroom has a felt hat with straight edges.

Skill – Fleet Road

Meets most often under the beech, while a real rush grows most often under birch and linden. It is also easy to identify by a characteristic creaky sound that we clearly hear if you draw a mushroom with a hand or knife.

The edibility of a real carrier

In Europe, the mushroom is ranked to inedible types of mushrooms. On the territory of Eurasia and Belarus, it can be eaten after prolonged heat treatment with premature soaking in salt water. It is not recommended to eat them as the first dishes. Moreover, it is worth abandoning the use of old loads, since they really can be dangerous to health.

Models in a salted form can level blood sugar and contribute to weight loss.

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