White Sunsin Red Book Mushroom | Photos and description

White boot edible and tasty mushroom listed in the Red Book. It can be consumed in various types cheese or fried, pickled or dried.

Often found in pine or mixed forests. The best habitat is wet zones, and in arid areas are shady aspen. Acts as a rare mushroom, but very rarely appears in large groups.

Where it grows

The natural habitat is considered:

  • Chuvash Republic;
  • Eastern and Western Siberia;
  • Estonia and Latvia;
  • Western Europe;
  • North America.
  • The season begins in June and ends in September.

    Compound elements

    The components of such a mushroom are:

  • Hat its diameter is from 4 to 15 centimeters, it rarely reaches 25 centimeters. The form can be pillowing or hemispherical. The skin is often white, but there may be such shades as pink, brown or greenish-blue. In old mushrooms, it is always a yellowish color. As for the surface, it can be dry, naked or felt;
  • leg white and long. Below can be slightly thickened. With aging, brownish scales are observed;
  • The pulp is mainly white, but at the base of the legs it can be a bluish-green. After the cut, it becomes blue, black or lilac;
  • Spore powder ocher or brown;
  • tubular layer its surface is finely porous, and the shade is white or yellowish. In old mushrooms-gray or poor brown.
  • Beneficial features

    Such mushrooms contain a large amount of nutrients they are enriched:

  • proteins and carbohydrates;
  • fiber and fats;
  • a wide range of minerals;
  • potassium and iron;
  • phosphorus and vitamin complexes;
  • irreplaceable amino acids.
  • White Support is recommended for food for those who suffer from inflammatory diseases and anemia. He also takes part in the healing of wounds and restoration of the body after infectious diseases.

    However, if there are problems from the kidneys or liver, it is best to refuse to eat such a mushroom. It is worth noting that old individuals can provoke poisoning.

    This mushroom should not be given to children, and also to avoid longterm storage in the refrigerator in this case, it loses its beneficial properties and quickly ages, which in any case is a danger to people.

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