White truffle photo and description of the mushroom where it grows and how it looks like

White truffles grow in specific conditions and in a special type of climate in nature. They are found only on the roots of certain trees:

  • bream;
  • oak;
  • beech;
  • poplar.

For mass consumption, white truffles grow farmers and large companies. However, mushroom pickers still collect these mushrooms, especially if they know where to look.

White truffles hunt

Truffli hunters use dogs to search for delicacies. Animals find a sharp aroma of truffles, even if the mushrooms hid well. Dogs discover wild white truffles before they overlap and become unsuitable for harvesting.

Why dogs, not pigs

Sows dig truffles, since the aroma of ripe fruits is similar to hormones secreted by boar. The practice of using pigs to hunt truffles disappeared after the Second World War, has been banned in Italy since 1985. The reason is that pigs are damaged by the autonomic part of the truffle when digging, which affects the future harvest of mushrooms. Pigs are also much less trained and controlled, and they often devour part of the crop.

In Italy, they brought the breed of dogs Lagotto Romagnolo (Lagotto Romagnolo). These are small and mediumsized animals with sticking wool and flexible ears lead the owners to truffles and are considered a hypoallergenic rock.

Where white truffles grow

It’s no secret that white truffles are quite rare. One of the places to search for mushrooms – Northern part of Italy. Some of the most famous samples of the white truffle were found in the city of Alba and its environs, while others in Croatia. Sometimes they are collected in France.

When the time is collected

Autumn – The main season of white truffles hunting. At this time of the year, the mushroom lord of white truffles brings quite large «Fruit fruits», They are cut into pieces and sold at high prices. It is important to wait and collect white truffles in the fall, and not earlier, if found in nature! Truffli hunters who are in a hurry to overtake competitors receive a mushroom whose aroma does not look like a white truffle. On the other hand, too long expectation leads to decay, or the fetus freezes and becomes tough.

Description of the white truffle

The shape of the fetus is approximately round, the surface resembles a dirty stone, becomes darker, brown with age. The skin is smooth, but furious, translucent flesh is pale gray, marble with white veins. Truffles vary in size from peanuts to walnut.

What white truffles for aroma and taste

White truffle has a complex taste of garlic, spices and ripe cheese after ripening. The smell of the fetus depends on how much the white truffle grew up, mushrooms with the aroma of musk, cedar and nutmeg are met.

What is the difference between the truffles of black from the whites

The cooks use black truffles as one of the ingredients of the dish, white truffles serve as a seasoning. This means that black truffles are added during the cooking process (preferably closer to the end), their aroma is enhanced in oil and with slight heating.

The white truffle smell:

  • strong;
  • nice;
  • intensive.

Unlike black truffles that are valued for taste, white truffles are used for the sake of aroma. White truffles are sensitive to heat, lose their aroma in preparation. White truffles are almost exclusively consumed raw, increase the taste value of the dish.

Why are white truffles cost more than black

White truffles are popular and, as a result, expensive. Due to the incredible aroma, white truffles are considered even more refined than black truffles and are more expensive (up to 5 times, depending on quality).

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