Whitish dialect photo and description of the mushroom where it grows is poisonous

Belovoy Gallery (lat. Clitocybe Dealbata) is one of the subspecies of mushrooms that belong to the genus of dialects, the family of row. It has many alternative names: the dialect is whitened, bleached, barrier or reddish. The mushroom consists of a plentiful amount of dangerous toxin muscarin, which withstand any heat treatment. In addition, due to heating, Muscarin passes into the so-called “active phase”, which is why his toxicity only intensifies. It is not necessary to collect and eat a whitish talker in any case, since this species is mortally poisonous.


The diameter of the hat is quite small: in the diameter, it can be from two to six or seven centimeters. The shape of the mushroom at a young age is convex, and the edges are wrapped down to the leg. Over time, the hat begins to deal and can even become funnelshaped, but it is mainly flat with wavy edges. The color is whitish, as the name says, but closer to old age, the mushroom begins to darken, as a result of which it is painted in beige or cream color. After rain, you can notice circles and spots on the hat, and the touch will allow you to feel a weak layer of mucus, because of which dirt can stick to the hat.

The plates are low and grow to the leg. Their color is yellow or creamy, but you can often see specimens of gray and brown color. Disputes have a smoothed shape. The leg, in turn, is cylindrical, often with small deformations. In height is extremely low and rarely reaches even five centimeters. Her color is white, like that of a hat, and by old age it is compacted, acquiring gray tones. The pulp is elastic, the smell is quite pleasant, the taste of the taste is not studied, since even a small piece of this mushroom can lead a person to death. With a cut or pressure, the color does not change, and the liquids do not emit.

Where it grows

Representatives of this species can be found in any corner of the temperate climate belt. She prefers to live on the edges, various forests, whether it is deciduous or coniferous, meadows and cutting. Very often a whitish dialect is greeted near the colonies of mushrooms, so when going to the forest, you should be neat. This species loves the sun’s rays, so he tries to live in open areas, so that no trees and bushes can block the hit of the light. The fruiting period falls out at the beginning of summer, and takes about six months in terms of duration, until the first cold. Fruit bodies appear in groups, sometimes very large; form “witch circles”. Distributed in the moderate zone of the northern hemisphere.


The whitish dialect should in no case be eaten, since this species has in its composition a high percentage of muscarin content. The first symptoms of poisoning appear in ten to fifteen minutes, and when delayed after three hours, death may occur. This toxin causes renal and pulmonary insufficiency, so before going after mushrooms it is absolutely always necessary to study information about mushrooms that can grow in your region.

Similar views

Lugovoi tillage. One of the most famous mushrooms at the same time is the most similar to a whitish dialect, which, according to the first external signs, is practically not distinguishable. An even greater danger is that the poisonous mushroom grows next to the tutorials, which is why confuse them and stumble upon a deadly dangerous poison becomes very simple. Distinctive features can be called aroma, because the smell of meadows is again more like almond. In addition, the hat at edible mushrooms is brown, and it brightens to the edge. During a detailed examination, in the context, you can also see that the leg of the honey mushrooms, unlike talkers.

Lugovoi honey agaric

Outhenican. Much less similar mushroom, but it grows in similar climatic conditions, so it is also better to know its description in advance. He has no raid and mucus on the hat, but by smell almost indistinguishable from the dialect. The easiest way to distinguish these two mushrooms by plates, which the lecture has pink. He also has a tubercle in the center.


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