Why a cow Holy animal in India

The sacred cow is an idiom. Expression or phrase is used without a literal reference to animals or religion. When they say or write a “sacred cow”, they mean a person who is respected for a long time, and people are afraid or do not want to criticize or question this status.

The idiom is based on the honor provided to cows in Hinduism. “Holy Cow” or “Holy Bull” is not a monument, but a real animal, which is treated with sincere respect.

The cow is not sacred in India, but is respected

In Hinduism, the cow is considered sacred or deep. Indians do not worship cows, but respect. The reason is associated with the agricultural value of the cow and its soft character. Indians use cows:

  • in the production of dairy products;
  • To obtain fertilizers and fuel from manure.
  • So, a cow is a “caretaker” or a mother figure. One Hindu goddess is usually depicted as a cow: bhoomi (ভূমি) and represents the earth.

    Indians respect the cow for her tender nature. The main teaching of Hinduism is that it does not harm the animal (Achims). The cow also gives oil (ghee) from which the force is drawn. The cow is revered in society, and many Indians do not eat beef. In most states of India, it is forbidden to eat cow meat.

    Holiday for cows

    In the Hindu tradition, the cow is revered, decorated with garlands and give special goodies at festivals throughout India. One of them is the annual gopastes festival dedicated to Krishna and cows.

    The nature of the cow represents Kamadhen, the goddess, who is the mother of all cows. In India, more than 3,000 institutions called Gaushals, where they take care of old and weak animals. According to livestock statistics in India, there are about 44,900,000 cows, the highest figure in the world. Old and weak animals live in the Gaushals, the rest, as a rule, roam freely in public places, such as the railway station and bazaars.

    Honoring a cow endows people with virtue, meekness and connects them with nature. The cow gives milk and cream, yogurt and cheese, butter and ice cream, as well as ghee. It is believed that cow milk cleanses a person. Esteled oil (purified oil) is used at ceremonies and in the preparation of religious food. The Indians use cow manure as a fertilizer, fuel and disinfectant in houses.

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