Why are hyenas laugh photo

Although hyenas are similar to large dogs, they actually belong to the catshaped family, like lions and tigers. Hyenas have developed jaws and strong teeth. A powerful front of the body of hyenas is decorated with a strong neck and developed jaws. They have one of the most powerful bites in the animal world. Females, as a rule, are larger than males and weigh up to 70 kg.

Where they live

Hyenas live in a large part of Central and South Africa, south of the Sahara desert. They survive in a variety of habitats, but choose territories where there are a lot of zebras and antelopes that graze in meadows, savannahs, forests, mountains.

What the hyena eats

Hyenas are carnivorous and they eat other animals of all types. They either hunt themselves, or take prey from other large animals, such as lions. Hyens are good screamers because they break the bones with their powerful jaws, eat and digest them. When they hunt, they drive the antelop of the GNU, GAZels and Zebr. However, they also do not disdain snakes, young hippos, elephants and fish.

Hyenas hunt in a group, isolation and pursuing a weak or old animal. Hyenas eat very quickly, because the fastest eutno in the pack will receive more food.

Hyena is a social animal that not only hunts, but also lives in groups called clans. The clans vary in size from 5 to 90 hyenas and are headed by the dominant female. This is a matriarchy.

So do hyenas really laugh

Hyenas make many sounds. One of them sounds like laughter, and it was because of it that they got their nickname.

Hyenas successfully hunt in groups. But lonely members of the clan go out for prey. Когда не загоняют крупное животное и не сражаются с другими хищниками за забитую тушу, гиены ловят рыб, птиц и жуков. Having caught prey, hyenas celebrate victory by making laughter. This giggling tells other hyenas that there is food. But this sound also attracts other animals, such as lions, on a feast. The Lion Pride and the Hyen clan “pull the rope” and usually win hyenas, because there are much more of them in the group than lions.

The most common are spotted hyenas from all species of these animals. Spotted hyenas are born with black fur. In adolescents and adults, only spots remain from black wool, and the fur itself acquires a light shade.

The spotty clans of hyenas, which are leading females, make a large den in the midst of their territory of hunting. Hyena has a complex greeting system and interaction with each other. Since the “ladies” in the clan are the main ones, females usually get the first to access the best mud baths and other favorite hyena entertainment.

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