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The humanoid creature of one species during life does not turn into another look. But the question is why monkeys do not evolve into a person is interesting, because it helps to think about life, evolution and what it means to be a person.

Nature imposes restrictions

Despite the extraordinary quantity and diversity of different species, an adult from one species usually does not give offspring with an adult out of another type (although this is less true in relation to plants, there are noticeable exceptions to animals).

In other words, young Kacada with a gray crest is produced by a couple of adults Kacada with the same comb, and not a couple of Kacada Major Mitchell.

The same applies to other species that are not so obvious to us. There are many types of fruit flies of Drosophil (very small flies that are attracted to rotting fruits, especially bananas), which are very similar.

But males and females of various types of Drusophiles do not produce new flies.

The species do not change much, and yet they change, and sometimes for a rather short period of time (for example, in response to climate change). This raises a very interesting question about how the views change, and how new species appear.

Darwin’s theory. Relatives are we with monkeys or not

About 150 years ago, Charles Darwin gave a convincing explanation in the book “The Origin of Views”. His work was criticized at that time, partly because his ideas were not properly understood. For example, some people thought that Darwin suggested that over time the monkeys turned into people.

History says that during a very lively public discussion, which took place a few months after the publication of the “origin of the species”, Bishop Oxford Samuel Wilberfors asked Thomas Haxly, Darwin’s friend: “From his grandfather or grandmother were in the family of a monkey”?

This question distorts the theory of Darwin: monkeys do not turn into people, but rather people and monkeys have a common ancestor, so there are some similarities between us.

How different we are from chimpanzee? Analysis of genes that carry information that makes us those who are we shows that chimpanzees, bonobo and people have similar genes.

In fact, Bonobo and chimpanzees are the closest relatives of people: human ancestors separated from the ancestors of chimpanzees about five to seven million years ago. Bonobo and chimpanzees became two different species recently, about two million years ago.

We are similar, and some people claim that this similarity is enough for the chimpanzees to have the same rights as people. But, of course, we are very different, and the most obvious difference is that it is usually not considered as a biological one this is a culture.

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