Why are reserves needed and national parks

With an increase in the growth of population, the number of inhabitants of cities increases, which, in turn, leads to even greater development of industry. The more rapidly the economy develops, the stronger people have a burden on nature: all spheres of the geographical shell of the Earth are polluted. Today, there are fewer territories that are not touched by a person where wildlife has survived. If you do not protect the natural zones purposefully from the pernicious actions of people, many ecosystems of the planet have no future. For a long time, some organizations and individuals began to create reserves and national parks with their own efforts. Their principle is to leave nature in its original form, protect it and give animals and birds the opportunity to live in a wild environment. It is very important to protect reserves from various threats: pollution, transport, poachers. Any reserve is under the protection of the state in which it is located.

The reasons for the creation of reserves

There are many reasons why reserves were created. Some are global and common to everyone, while others are local, based on the features of a particular area. Among the main reasons should be called the following:

  • Reserves are created to preserve populations of flora and fauna;
  • The habitat is saved, which is not yet too changed by a person;
  • reservoirs in such places remain clean;
  • development of environmental tourism, funds from which are consuming reserves;
  • In such places, spiritual values ​​and veneration of nature are revived;
  • The creation of protected natural zones helps to form an environmental culture of people.
  • The basic principles of the organization of reserves

    There are a large number of principles on which the organization of reserves is based. First of all, it is worth highlighting such a principle as a complete ban on economic activity. The next principle suggests that the reserves cannot be reorganized. Their territory should always be in a state of untouched by a person. All organization and management of the reserve should be based on the freedom of wildlife. In addition, not only is it allowed, but also encouraged, the study of the biosphere in these places. And one of the main principles of the organization of reserves is that the state bears the highest responsibility for the preservation of reserves.


    Thus, reserves are needed in every country. This is a kind of attempt to preserve at least part of nature. Visiting the reserve, you can observe the life of animals in the wild, in which they can live peacefully and increase their numbers. And the more reserves will be created on the planet, the more chances we will have to revive nature and somehow compensate for the damage that people have caused to the earth.

    Why are nature reserves and national parks important?
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