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Surely each of us asked the question: how birds manage to remain intact and sound, being on wires? After all, electric products carry hundreds of volts and are able to cause huge damage to a person. Why do people categorically cannot touch the wire that transfers the current, and the birds are so simple for hours in contact with the wires? The answer is much easier than it might seem.

Everything elementary is simple

The secret of the excellent health of birds on wires lies in all known foundations of physics and electrical engineering.

Electric current occurs when the movement of charged particles between two points occurs. Having a wire, at the ends of which different voltage, charged particles move from one point to another. At the same time, the bird is a lot of time in the air, and it, in turn, is a dielectric (a material that is not able to conduct an electric charge).

When the bird is placed on an electric wire, the shock does not occur. All because only a dielectric surrounds the bird air. That is, the current is not carried out between the wire and the feathered. In order for the movement of charged particles to be carried out, a point with less potential, which is absent, is necessary.

As a result of the same tension, the bird does not hit. But, in the event that the bird is torn off the neighboring cable, the voltage of which is significantly different, the current strength will instantly hit it (which is almost impossible, since the wires are located at a sufficient distance in relation to each other).

Birds and wires

There are cases in which birds caused a violation of the power line. There are few such cases, but they exist: birds that carry in the beak a piece of material capable of conducting electric current became the cause of a short circuit on the line. This is due to the fact that the material (for example, wire) is a kind of bridge, conductor and, in contact with the wire, current occurs.

In order for the bird to really hit the current, it is necessary to literally lie on isolators. In this case, the size of the feathered should be impressive. A large bird can provoke the formation of an electric circuit, which will have a destructive effect on it.

People can also touch electric wires, but only using special equipment and equipment.

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