Why frogs croak at night, in the evenings and before the rain

The frogs croak. Everyone knows this, but why? What makes frogs croak all night from the pond in the backyard or stream? In almost all types of frogs, males break silence. In fact, this noise is a sweet serenade. Frogs-moths call on females. Since each type has its own call, frogs are identified, simply listening to their singing.

Night songs about love

Males advertise themselves as potential partners, hoping that the frogs will like the song, and they will come to the call. Since the purpose of the meeting is reproduction, the males of the frogs are usually located in water or next to it (ponds, dams, streams and water-bolot lands), where eggs are most often laid, from which tadpoles develop. Some frogs enter the water, others climb nearby stones or to the shore, and others on trees or to the ground nearby.

Males of frogs want to be sure that they attract females of their species (otherwise it is an empty waste of their efforts), so each type of frogs in this area has its own sound signal. From piercing buzz to deep tweeting, resembling insects. In females, frogs ears are configured to a special call of their species, so they unmistakably find a male in the choir of many noisy singers.

Find out how frogs sing in your pond

Knowing how each type of frog sounds is also for us, people, in a great way to identify local species without disturbing them. As soon as you find out how every local frog choir sounds, you will define it, just listening!

Most types of frogs lead a night lifestyle and therefore are more active after sunset. Therefore, night time is the best time to hear the draft. Given the dependence of the frogs on the water for propagation, it is not surprising that they croak more after rain. Some types of frogs propagate almost the whole year, others give offspring (and, therefore, sing) for several nights a year.

The best time to listen to the frog choir is usually warmer months, since most species of frogs multiply in spring and summer. But some types of frogs prefer the colder season. For example, a flatheaded shovel that lives in the desert (Cyclorana Platycephala) croaks at a time when there is enough rain.

So, a frog singing from a pond is a lover who sings a song to attract a frog of his dreams. Now you know why frogs croak, how this singing helps them survive and find their pair.

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