Why is the soil fertile black soil, steppe soils, meadow soils

The main function of the Earth is fertility. Thanks to this, various types of flora grow from it, since nutrition, the need for air and moisture, is satisfied, and normal life is ensured. Fertility appears when some soil components are interacted.

Soil components

  • water;
  • humus;
  • sand;
  • potassium salts;
  • clay;
  • nitrogen;
  • phosphorus.
  • Depending on the chemical composition, the fertility of the earth can be assessed. This is also determined by the type of soil. Not all types of soils have high fertility, so some species are appreciated more than others, for example, chernozem. Depending on where the soil is fertile, people have settled there since antiquity. Perhaps the presence of a reservoir and fertile land nearby these were the main conditions for the formation of settlements for people.

    What affects the fertility of the earth

    Soil is such a false system that develops according to its own law. The problem is also that the earth is exhausted quickly, but it is restored and formed slowly. 2 millimeters of the soil appear during the year, so it is a particularly valuable natural resource.

    In order to maintain fertility, it is necessary to carry out the following actions:

  • provides the optimal water level (does not lead to arid, but also not to fill the soil);
  • rationally use fertilizers and agricultural chemistry;
  • if necessary, use the irrigation system;
  • control moisture evaporation;
  • reduce sodium accumulation level and various salts.
  • Using all this in practice in agriculture and other areas related to the use of land, it will be possible to maintain soil fertility. Alternation of crops of different cultures is also recommended. Once every few years (in 3-4 years) you need to give the soil to “relax”. At this time, for example, you can sow it with annual herbs and medicinal plants.

    Why is the soil fertile black soil, steppe soils, meadow soils

    Pollution affects fertility. If possible, all kinds of pollution sources should be excluded. Where the territory is closer to the wild, fertility at a high level. Fields within the cities and near them, next to industrial enterprises, vehicles are losing their fertility.

    Thus, fertility is the ability of the earth to give life to plants. Humanity is used to grow agricultural crops. The land cannot be exposed to intensively, otherwise fertility will decrease, or even can disappear even at all.

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