Why is the tiger striped causes and description

Tigers are recognized by characteristic lanes that are visible on a dense, beautiful fur. Tigers have magnificent pronounced lines that pass around the body. Although in various types, the pattern on the body differs slightly, but there are general trends. The main color of the fur is usually golden. Stripes from dark brown or gray to black shade. The lower side of the body at the tiger is white.

I wonder that the skin of the tiger is also covered with stripes. The darkness of skin pigmentation seems to be directly related to the color of the fur.

All tigers are unique, like stripes on the body

Each tiger has a unique drawing from strips. Therefore, scientists who study a particular animal use a map of strips to identify subjects.

Zoologists spent many years, studying why the tigers are striped, and the logical course of thoughts led them to the most obvious answer. They do not find another reason for the stripes, explain it with a camouflage effect, which makes the tiger inconspicuous in the surrounding background.

Tigers are predators who need to hunt as often as possible to get a sufficient amount of meat for the body and survive. Nature eased this task for them. Question: “Why are striped tigers is also associated with the fundamental question“ what tigers eat ”.

Form and color helps them hunt and not remain hungry. So that there is more chances to catch prey, the tigers silently creep up to the victim. Such tactics allows them to better catch prey. If tigers are within 10 meters from the animal, this distance is enough for the hunter to make a deadly jump.

Vision in animals is not the same as in humans

Tiger strips help to get as close as possible to prey and remain inconspicuous. Orange coloring helps to merge with herbs and groundcover plants. Without stripes, tigers would look like a large orange ball. Black stripes violate the unity of color and make it difficult to detect.

Most animals in the wild do not distinguish colors and sizes as people do, so it is much easier for animals to see one large and solid object. Black, white and gray stripes of tigers look like shadows for some of these animals, which gives a huge advantage.

Hunting skills, a good camouflage pattern make a tiger difficult to noticeable in the jungle. Most animals have no chance to survive if the tiger is looking for lunch.

A brief answer to the question: “Why does the tigers have stripes” is that they harmonize with the environment and have more chances to catch prey.

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