Why it rains presentation for children, pictures, abstract and message | Where does the rain come from

Rain is drops of water falling from the clouds. This natural phenomenon is quite common in autumn and spring, and summer with winter without rain can not do in any way. Let’s figure out how water is formed in the sky and why it rains?

Why it rains?

Most of our planet is covered with water of oceans, seas, lakes and rivers. The sun is able to warm the surface of all our land. When solar heat gets on the surface of the water, part of the liquid becomes steam. This has the form of barely noticeable drops rising up. For example, everyone saw how to boil the kettle when heated. When boiling, steam from the kettle comes out and rises up. Also steam from the surface of the earth rises to the clouds under the blow of the wind. Rising above, steam enters high into the sky, where the temperature is about 0 degrees. Drops of steam gather in huge clouds, which, under the influence of low temperatures, form rain clouds. Since drops of steam are heavier due to low temperatures, they turn into rain.

Where the rain falls, falling to the ground?

Getting to the surface of the earth, droplets of rain go into underground waters, seas, lakes, rivers and oceans. Then the new stage of water transformation from the surface into steam and the formation of new rain clouds begins. This phenomenon is called the water cycle in nature.


Can I drink rain water?

Rain water may contain a number of harmful elements that cannot be consumed by a person. For drinking, people use clean water from lakes and rivers, which passed cleaning through layers of the Earth. Underground water absorbs a lot of useful trace elements that are healthy.

How to rain at home?

To see how the rain is formed, you can conduct a little experience with pots filled with water in the presence of adults. A pot of water must be put on fire and hold a lid. So that the water remains cold, you can put a couple of ice cubes. In the process of heating, the upper part of the water will slowly be converted into steam, settling on the lid. Then droplets of steam will begin to collect, and already large drops will drain from the cover back into the pan of water. So it turned out to rain right at your house!

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