Why old methods of waste disposal are dangerous

At the moment, there are almost two dozen patented technologies that allow you to get rid of various types of waste. Many of them allow garbage to burn even in conditions of densely populated cities. But not everyone is safe for ecology. Denis Gripas, the head of the company supplying German rubber coating, will talk about the new technologies of garbage processing.

Humanity was actively engaged in the disposal of industrial and household waste only at the beginning of the 21st century. Before that, all garbage was thrown into specially allocated landfills for this. From there, harmful substances fell into the soil, leaked into groundwater, and over time found themselves in the nearest reservoirs.

About what the burning of garbage leads to

In 2017, the European Council persistently recommended that the EU participating countries abandon garbage engines. In some European states, new ones were introduced or existing taxes on the burning of household waste. And for the construction of factories that destroy garbage using old methods, a moratorium was imposed on.

World experience in the destruction of waste with the help of furnaces turned out to be very negative. Enterprises built according to the outliving technologies of the late 20th century pollute the air, water and soil with high toxic processing products.

A large number of substances dangerous to health and environment are thrown into the atmosphere – Furanov, dioxins and harmful resins. These elements cause serious malfunctions in the body, leading to severe chronic diseases.

Enterprises do not destroy garbage completely, 100%. In the process of burning from the total mass of waste, approximately 40% of slag and ash that have increased toxicity remains. These waste also need burial. However, they are much more dangerous «Primary» raw materials received at the processing plants.

Do not forget about the price of the question. The process of burning requires significant energy consumption. When processing waste in huge quantities, carbon dioxide is released, which is one of the factors leading to global warming. The Paris Agreement charges from the EU countries a considerable tax for emissions that harm the environment.

Why the plasma method is more environmentally friendly

Search for safe ways of waste disposal continues. In 2011, Russian Academician Fillip Rutberg developed a technology that allows you to burn garbage using plasma. For her, the scientist received the award «Global energy», which in the field of knowledge in energy is equal to the Nobel.

The essence of the method is that the destroyed raw materials are not burned, but is subjected to gasification, completely excluding the combustion process. Suspend is carried out in a specially developed reactor – plasmone, where plasma can be heated from 2 to 6 thousand degrees.

Under the influence of high temperatures, the organic organ is gasified and divided into separate molecules. Inorganic substances form a slag. Since the combustion process is completely absent, there are no conditions for the occurrence of harmful substances: toxins and carbon dioxide.

Plasma turns garbage into useful raw materials. From organic waste, a synthesis gaz is obtained, which can be processed into ethyl alcohol, diesel fuel and even fuel for rocket engines. Slag obtained from inorganic substances serves as the basis for the production of heatinsulating plates and aerated concrete.

Rutberg development is already successfully used in many countries: in the USA, Japan, India, China, Great Britain, Canada.

The situation is in Eurasia

In Eurasia, the plasma gasification method has not yet been used. In 2010, the Moscow authorities planned to build a network of 8 factories operating using this technology. The project has not yet been launched and is in the stage of active development, since the city administration refused to build dioxin garbage enterprises.

The number of landfills is increasing every year, and if this process is not stopped, Russia runs the risk of getting into the list of countries on the verge of environmental disaster.

Therefore, it is so important to solve the problem of garbage disposal with the help of safe technologies that do not harm the environment or find an alternative that allows, for example, to process waste and receive a secondary product.

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