Widehaired monkeys species, names and photos | The genus of wideskinned monkeys

Player monkeys belong to the smallest representatives of these primates. The maximum height excluding the tail is only 15 cm. However, the size of the animal visually increases due to a thick woolen cover.

Have an unusual type of muzzle. Due to volumetric hair bundles in some places, the monkey resembles a lion. Hourkers live in small columns, spending more days after examining each other’s wool, thus caring for it. It is interesting that these monkeys do not act as the main grasping limb. To do this, they use paws with sharp claws.

Dwarf a bundle


Golden Book

Ordinary bundle

Blackeared a bundle


Redgrown Tamarin

Mustache Tamarin

Peggy Tamarin

Whitelegged Tamarin

Black Tamarin


These monkeys got their name due to a movable and tail, the size of which is approximately equal to the length of the rest of the body. This allows primates to actively jump on trees, moving over huge distances. The most common representative of this type is kapucin. This is a small monkey whose weight rarely exceeds 5 kg.

Have attracting attention with the color of the wool the upper body is usually beige or gray. The rest of the body is covered with thick black hair. Differ in a high level of intelligence, actively come in contact with a person.

White Capucin

Tree capucin

Brown kapucin

Black Simiri

Holouichi Simiri

Night monkeys

Their name was received by activity time. This type of primate only leads the main life at night. Live in South and Central America. Maximum size 38 cm. Have a small head of a round ears and small ears, which are practically not visible due to thick wool. The main food is fruit. Night monkeys live in mixed forests. Because of the ability to actively climb trees-they practically do not go down from them and spend most of their lives there. In the rainy season and in the absence of the required number of fruits, they can hunt insects and small animals.

Ordinary Mirikina 

Apushaped monkeys

Araels-like monkeys got their names due to the rich black color of the wool and unusually long limbs. All this really makes them similar to spidershaped. Are representatives of wideskinned monkeys. The maximum size can reach 65 cm in length. The rear and front limbs are very tenacious. This allows you to easily move around trees at high speed. The basis of the diet is plant foods seeds, nuts, fruits and mushrooms, and even honey. With its lack, monkey prefers caterpillars and bird eggs.

Redgrown Revun

Black Revun

White Coata

Whitish coat

Redfaced coat 

The yellowtailed monkey


The main habitat of sakov monkeys is South America. They are considered quite large representatives of primates the maximum value of males can reach 57 cm. Have a very thick wool, the color of which, depending on the region of residence, can fluctuate from a rich black to pale brown. Sawn monkeys give the advantage of plant foods, however, if necessary, become omnivorous. Love fruits of fruit trees, as well as leaves. It is interesting that after the appearance of the baby in a pair of sakov monkeys, his father takes the main care of him, constantly carrying him on himself.

Redpine saki 

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