Wood minerals of Europe map of deposits of the main types

On the territory of Europe in various parts there is a huge amount of valuable natural resources that are raw materials for various industries and some of them are used by the population in everyday life. The nature of the relief of Europe is plains and mountain ranges.

fossil fuels

A very promising area is the extraction of oil products and natural gas. A lot of fuel resources lie in the north of Europe, namely on the coast washed by the Arctic Ocean. About 5-6% of the world’s oil and gas reserves are produced here. The region has 21 oil and gas basins and about 1.5 thousand. individual gas and oil fields. The UK and Denmark, Norway and the Netherlands are engaged in the extraction of these natural resources.

Wood minerals of Europe map of deposits of the main types

As for coal, in Europe there are several largest basins in Germany Aachen, Ruhr, Krefeld and Saar. UK mines coal in the Welsh and Newcastle basins. A lot of hard coal is mined in the Upper Silesian Basin in Poland. Brown coal deposits are found in Germany, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Hungary.

ore minerals

In Europe, different types of metal minerals are mined:

  • iron ore (in France and Sweden);
  • uranium ores (deposits in France and Spain);
  • copper (Poland, Bulgaria and Finland);
  • bauxites (Mediterranean province basins of France, Greece, Hungary, Croatia, Italy, Romania).
  • In European countries, polymetallic ores, manganese, zinc, tin and lead are mined in different quantities. They mainly occur in mountain systems and on the Scandinavian Peninsula.

    non-metallic minerals

    Of the non-metallic resources in Europe, there are large reserves of potassium salts. They are mined on a huge scale in France and Germany, in Poland, Belarus and Ukraine. A variety of apatites are mined in Spain and Sweden. A mixture of carbon (asphalt) is mined in France.

    Precious and semi-precious stones

    Among precious stones, emeralds are mined in Norway, Austria, Italy, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Spain, France and Germany. There are varieties of garnets in Germany, Finland and Ukraine, beryls in Sweden, France, Germany, Ukraine, tourmalines in Italy, Switzerland. Amber occurs in the Sicilian and Carpathian provinces, opals in Hungary, pyrope in the Czech Republic.

    Despite the fact that the minerals of Europe have been actively used throughout history, in some areas there are quite a lot of resources. If we talk about the global contribution, then the region has quite good indicators for the extraction of coal, zinc and lead.

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