Woodpecker birds representatives and species, characteristics of the order and structural features

This is a detachment of birds, which includes 6 families and suborders: jacamars and woodpeckers. In the first, birds have an elongated body and short wings, and usually live in Europe, Africa. Representatives of the second have a massive beak and stocky body. They live almost anywhere there is vegetation. A feature of woodpeckers is their average size, although some representatives, such as sparrows, are not too large.  Their diet consists of seeds and insects, but they eat plant foods less frequently. It mostly happens in winter.

Great spotted woodpecker

woodpecker melanerpes

red-bellied woodpecker


Great sharp-winged woodpecker

Magellanic woodpecker

Syrian woodpecker

white-backed woodpecker

hairy woodpecker

Other types of woodpeckers


green woodpecker

Lesser spotted woodpecker

grey-haired woodpecker

Middle spotted woodpecker

three-toed woodpecker

Black woodpecker (Zelna)

Red-tailed jacamara

spotted puff

blue-cheeked beard

Red-breasted boletus

firehead beard

Senegalese Libya

spotted honeyguide


So, woodpeckers perform several useful functions. First, destroy pests that damage trees. Secondly, they create hollows during the construction of the nest, where other insectivorous birds live after them. It is important to note that birds rarely live in groups and even their broods break up early. But in places with a good food base, they do not live alone. Sexual dimorphism is not particularly pronounced, and chicks can be confused with an adult due to the similarity in color. Birds live in many forests of the Earth and benefit nature and humans.

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