World Animal Day October 4 | Presentation

Animal Protection Day is celebrated on the fourth day of October and has the goal of bringing information about the problems of the animal world to mankind. This day was created by activists of various environmental protection societies at an international convention held in Italy in 1931.

Date history

The date of October 4 was chosen for the day of the protection of animals not by chance. It is she who in the Catholic world is considered the day of remembrance of St. Francis, known as the patron saint of animals. The fauna of the planet in all its manifestations has been suffering from human actions for more than one hundred years, and, throughout this time, activists have been trying to weaken the negative impact. Against this background, there are various movements and activities that contribute to the conservation and restoration of the population, animals, birds and fish. World Animal Day is one of such measures that unites people, regardless of their nationality and place of residence on Earth.

What happens on this day?

Animal Protection Day is not a date for celebration, but for specific good deeds. Therefore, on October 4, representatives of various movements in defense of the fauna hold a variety of events. Among them, one can distinguish information and propaganda, which include pickets and rallies, as well as restorative. In the second case, activists carry out a burden of reservoirs, install bird feeders, salt shares for a lamp coarsegang beast (moose, deer), etc.d.

According to data provided by the World Wildlife Fund, several species of animals and plants disappear on the planet every day. Many are on the verge of extinction. To prevent the Earth from turning into a desert, without greenery and life, it is important to act today.

World Animal Day October 4 | Presentation

Pets are animals too!

Animal Protection Day covers not only representatives of wildlife, but also those animals that live at home. Moreover, very diverse animals are kept at home: decorative rats, water pigs, cats, dogs, cows and more than a dozen species. According to statistics, pets are also negatively affected by humans, and in some cases even become the subject of violence.

Propaganda of careful attitude to our smaller brothers, preserving populations and restoring endangered species, scientific education of man, popularization of assistance to wild nature all this is the goals of World animal protection day.

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