World Cleanup Day September 15 | Ecological action

Garbage of various origins is a real scourge of our time. Every day, thousands of tons of waste appear on the planet, and often not at special landfills, but wherever necessary. In 2008, Estonians decided to celebrate a national day of cleanliness. Later this idea was adopted by other countries.

Date history

When the day of cleanliness was first held in Estonia, about 50,000 volunteers took to the streets. The result of their work was as much as 10,000 tons of garbage, which was disposed of at official landfills. Thanks to the enthusiasm and energy of the participants, the “Let’s Do It” social movement was created, which was joined by like-minded people from other countries. in Eurasia, Purity Day also found support and has been held since 2014.

World Cleanup Day is not a theoretical “day” with presentations and big words. It is held on September 15 of each year and has the most business, “mundane”, character. Hundreds of thousands of volunteers take to the streets and begin to really collect garbage. The collection takes place both inside the cities and in nature. Thanks to the actions of World Cleanliness Day participants, the banks of rivers and lakes, roadsides of roads, popular tourist places are liberated from garbage.

How is the day of cleanliness?

Garbage cleaning measures are held in different format. In Eurasia, they gained the form of team games. The spirit of the competition is present in each team, which is obtained for the amount of garbage collected. In addition, the time for which the team coped with cleaning the site and cleaning efficiency is taken into account.

Scope and the organization of the day of purity in Eurasia took such a scale that their own website and mobile application appeared. As a result of this, it became possible to conduct command offices, watch general statistics and effectively determine the best teams. The winners receive the Purity Cup.

World Cleanup Day garbage collection events take place in different time zones and on different continents. Hundreds of thousands of people take part in them, but the main goal of the Day has not yet been achieved. Currently, the organizers of mass waste cleanups are aiming to reach the involvement of 5% of the population of each country. But even with the number of volunteers taking part in the Day of Cleanliness now, the pollution of the territories has decreased by 50-80% in different countries!

Who participates in the Day of Purity?

Active participation in garbage collection is taken by various social movements, both of an ecological profile and others. Schoolchildren and students traditionally join. In general, any events within the framework of the World Cleanup Day are open, and anyone can take part in them.

Every year the number of participants in the cleaning is growing steadily. In many territories, the personal responsibility of residents is increasing. After all, it is often enough to simply throw garbage into the place designated for this, and then you will not have to take special measures to clean the surrounding space from waste.

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