World Wild Day March 3 | As noted, the meaning of what it means

Nature has a great and negative impact on the part of man daily. As a rule, the result is a complete disappearance of animal and plant species. In order to protect the flora and fauna from death, regulatory documents are developed, appropriate prohibitions are introduced and dates are established. One of them is March 3. On this day, World Wild Day is celebrated.

The history of the date of date

The idea of ​​creating a special day for the protection of the animal and plant world arose recently in 2013. At the 68th session of the UN General Assembly, it was considered and decided to establish such a date. When choosing a specific month and number, a significant role was played by the fact that on March 3, 1973 a serious step was already taken to maintain nature. Then many states in the world signed the Convention on the International Trade of Wildlife and Fauna, abbreviated as City.

How the Day of Wildlife goes?

This date, like many devoted to the protection of any natural resources, is a campaign-educational. The purpose of the day is to report to society information on the problems of wildlife and call to maintain it. Also, the peculiarity of the Day of Wildlife is its subject, which changes annually. For example, in 2018, special attention is paid to the problems of wild animals from the cat family.

As part of the Day of Wildlife, all kinds of promotions, competitions and festivals are held in many countries. Everything is here: from children’s creative works to serious solutions from specialized structures. Particular attention is paid to daily work on the preservation of animals and plants, which is carried out in reserves, reserves and biosphere reserves.

What relates to the wild?

The concept of wildlife is very ambiguous. What exactly to consider for her? A lot argue over this issue in different countries of the world. The general conclusion is approximately like this: wild nature is a section of land or water space in which human intensive activity is not produced. Ideally, this activity, like a person himself, is not there at all. It is bad that such places on the planet are becoming less and less, which is why the natural conditions of the habitat of many plants and animals are violated, leading to their death.

Problems of the animal and plant world

The most important problem that wildlife constantly faces is human activity. Moreover, it is not only about environmental pollution, but also about the direct destruction of individual animals, birds, fish and plants. The latter is vast in nature and is called poaching. Poacher is not just a hunter. This is a person who mines prey in any way, without caring for tomorrow. Thus, on the planet there are more than a dozen species of living creatures who were simply completely exterminated. We will never see these animals.

In the framework of World Wildlife Day, this simple and terrible circumstance once again comes to society with the hope of understanding and the emergence of our personal responsibility for the planet.

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