Writity (ordinary bundle) photo and description, where it lives and what eats, propagation and behavior

Writity (Belouhai Marmosett or Ordinary Book) (Lat. Callithrix jacchus). Belongs to a variety of monkeys of the genus.



Body up to 20 cm long, tail size up to 35 cm. Animal with long wool, black and gray stripes alternate throughout the body.

Tail pattern resembles a ring. Hair from white long bundles grow on the ears.  Hair covers the face, there is a white rhombic spot on the forehead. They prefer to live in groups, settle in high trees in the amount of 3-8 individuals. They give birth to two cubs.

Blackeared a bundle

The female is less than the male in size.


The shape of the head is rounded, the eyes of the round shape, expressive. The color of the wool is mainly gray-black with reddish interspersed. White-gray hair grows on the stomach, the face is beige-bodily colorful. Wool differ in softness to the touch.

Are considered the smallest and most primitive in the family of higher primates. They are attributed to the class of wideskinned monkeys. In adults, unlike young representatives, there are white brushes made of thick long wool on the ears.

Dwarf a bundle

In order to climb to the top of the trees, the marmosettes cling to the branches using pointed claws located on the legs, on the thumbs. With the help of sharp incisors, they can easily bite the bark, branches and trunks of trees.


In a wide variety of places and lane zones, the savannah of Brazil, are found in Tugai. Settled in coastal, dry (in t.h. strongly destroyed and exploited by a person), gallery and seasonal forests, caatings. Inhabit Brazil, as an exception they are found in Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. For a comfortable life, they need precipitation, in an amount of 1000 to 2000 mm.

Goldenheaded leg


They are distinguished by activity and temperament, prefer to be active during the day, and with sunset to sleep on trees. Express feelings through a squeak, screams and sharp movements, for which they have received the definition of rapidly excitable and impulsive animals. They differ in an emotional character, with the help of facial expressions, hair movement on the head and a variety of vocal signals express their feelings. Most of their time spend on trees. Subject to rapid excitement and can panic in case of danger.

Golden Book

Settled by a group, from three to twelve adults. Each group has a dominant couple male and females.

They sleep at night, covering his head like a blanket, with their tail. They can move through the forest on all, 4 limbs, can easily jump from branch to branch.

With the help of incisors, they make deepening trees in the bark, from where the excreted substances are extracted. The time allotted for feed, the marmosettes are used for unhurried treats of gum, juice and resin released by trees.

Ordinary bundle

Begin activity immediately, half an hour after sunrise, activity takes about 12 hours. Monkeys necessarily return to the places of nights trees with a dense crown, which cover the vines of thickets, until the onset of dark. Most of the day of the input is used to find food (they pass up to 1 km during the day), 10% of the time is allocated for social care and 50% is intended for rest.

Any conflict between other monkeys is allowed without fights, they resort to expressive exclamations.

Lion Best

The hierarchy is consistent, necessarily the presence of one dominant propagating pair. Alfa-male dominates the rest of the males of the group, and the alpha samk-over females.

Men’s individuals are quite peaceful, in every possible way avoid fights.

Have many illwishers such as wood snakes, owls and other predators.


Passes 1 time in 6 months. Only alpha samk brings future offspring, and the alpha male and other members of the group provide care for the offspring. Pregnancy lasts a long time, up to 140-146 days. For one pregnancy, females take 2-3 cubs, weighing 25 g. each. At the beginning of their lives, the kids are attached to the mother’s stomach. A week later, care falls on his father’s shoulders, except for feeding. And after 2-3 months, young individuals can independently look for food.


Favorite food plants such as latex, flowers, juice of trees, mushrooms, seeds and colors. The maximum number of beneficial and nutrients is contained in insects and their larvae, small reptiles, birds and their eggs.

Interesting Facts

  1. Beauty and funny behavior make Whistiti attractive to humans. I want to iron them, it is interesting to play with them, both children and adults.
  2. The care is unpretentious in comparison with other monkeys.
  3. Highquality foods must be included in the nutrition elements at home. Among them are liquid sweet porridge prepared on the basis of children’s milk mixtures. The variety and alternation of cereals is necessary. Portion weight 30 g.
  4. Monkey loves natural fruit juices and raw fruits of the best quality.
  5. Mandatory ingredients in the daily diet are flour worms and South American crickets.
  6. Marmosett eats raw eggs. Quail or eggs of indoor birds are great for these purposes. In summer it is useful to feed them with grasshoppers, dragonflies, butterflies, spiders, etc. D.
  7. Liquid food is extracted from a bowl with the help of a tongue, like cats. With the help of the paws, they take and bring hard food to the mouth.
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