Yellowleather champignon photo and description of the mushroom, how to distinguish, poisonous or edible

Champignons are one of the most popular mushrooms. However, champignons are not only edible. In nature, poisonous yellowskinned champignons (lat. Agaricus xanthodermus). When searching for mushrooms, edible and toxic varieties should be clearly recognized.


The yellowskinned champignon is called even reddish champignon or yellowskinned liver. It is represented by a hat and a leg. The hat can reach 15 centimeters in diameter. Young mushrooms have a spherical hat with bent edges inside. Mature mushrooms are distinguished by a flat hat. The skin covering the surface of the hat is painted in light gray or white. Hats with gray-brown spots are found. To the touch the mushroom is dry and silky. When touched the surface of the hat, yellow spots are formed. Internal plates are very thin and have a pinkish tint. In mature mushrooms of brown plate.

The leg of yellowskinned champignon can reach up to 10 centimeters in height with a diameter of not more than 2 centimeters. The shape of the legs is cylindrical and thickened down. Thickening is distinguished by a dark yellow color. There is a wide white ring in the middle of the legs.

The pulp of the mushroom is white, but with a cut it becomes yellow. Is distinguished by a pharmacy smell, clearly audible in heat treatment.

Territory of growth

The fruiting period of yellowskinned champignons falls on the summer and autumn months. Active growth falls after prolonged rains. Prefer to grow in soils of a mixed type. There are groups in gardens and parks. The habitat is extremely extensive, includes Europe, North America and Australia. Yellowskinned champignons grow mainly in groups, and also form witch circles.

The use of yellow-skinned champignons leads to a serious disorder of the gastrointestinal tract. However, despite this, they are actively used in folk medicine. The exact composition of these mushrooms is still not definitely studied.

The main signs of poisoning are characterized by the following symptoms: diarrhea, vomiting, acute stomach pain. When the first signs of poisoning appear, it is urgent to call an ambulance team. Before the arrival of doctors, toxins need to be removed, since they can fall into the bloodstream. To do this, wash the stomach by causing vomiting, having previously drunk at least one and a half liters of a weak solution of potassium permanganate. Sorbents can also help with the removal of toxic substances from the body. Additionally, you should warm your legs and stomach. It is recommended to drink a large amount of water or strong tea all the time.

Despite the fact that many champignons are absolutely harmless to human health, you can often stumble upon an inedible mushroom. Before going to the forest, you should carefully familiarize yourself with all types of poisonous and edible mushrooms.

Similar views

Experienced mushroom pickers easily distinguish an edible champignon from the poisonous. The main difference between the correct champignon and yellowskinned is the absence of a pharmacy smell characteristic of yellowskinned champignons. The pulp of edible champignons will pink in the places of cut. A variety of conditionally sedentary migratory champignons in the places of cut acquires an orange hue.

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